Easter is HERE

At Rolleston Bakery we make and bake everything on site.

Steak Pies, Steak and Cheese pies, Mince pies, Mince and Cheese pies, Butter Chicken pies, Bacon and Egg pies and Bacon and Egg Slice.

We make a huge range of filled rolls croissants and sandwiches the most popular is, of course, our Ham and Mayo salad rolls, They are fresh and ready to go.

Our coffee is simple but strong with easy ordering with (OSFA) One size fits all Mmmmm everyone loves a great Coffee.

You can now even order a coffee online.

Customers love our Raspberry and Chocolate Creamed Buns. Did I mention its real cream we use.

Rolleston Bakery bakes delicious Slices like the traditional kiwi custard Square, Apple Slice, we have more treats like Gingerbread men and Muddy pigs and our very popular Pinky Bar Slice.

Tan Slice, Gooey Caramel and another fun fact, we even make our own caramel filling.

We would love to see you for your early morning coffee or morning tea or Lunch.

If your up early like we are we have a coffee special $3.00 coffee's between 5:00 am - 7:00 am.

We have great service and it's very fast too. You can even order online.

We do catering and our Work Shout Pack is very popular  

You can find us in Rolleston Square at Shop 11. See you soon.

Just a little bit about Rolleston Bakery.......

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